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The history of the architectural workshop began in the mid 60's, when the collaboration of the founder – architect, Theodoros Spondylidis (1943-2009) with the experienced civil engineer Christos Taleas (1919-1986) took place.


Together they built a large number of apartments, private houses, office & commercial buildings in Athens and the southern suburbs.


In the beginning of the 70's, new cooperation began with talented architect Timos Misios (1943-2011), collaborator and a close friend of Theodore, together with Xenia Mihou Spondylidis, architect from the Polytechnic of Thessaloniki where met and married Theodore.


Theodoros and Xenia, with Christos and Timos, take on large-scale projects of private and public buildings, and become famous in the construction market with the office having branches in the center of Athens in Kolonaki as well as in the north (Halandri) and southern suburbs (Glyfada).


The four became founders of construction, real estate and trading companies, such as Attalos Ltd, Spondylidis-Misios Ltd, Intermarine SA, T.Spondylidis Ltd.


In the 80's and 90’s, Theodore was continuously elected Mayor of Glyfada, where he would leave a significant and well-recognized nationwide, imprint. The city of Glyfada is fully reformed by the architect – mayor: new public areas and buildings, new urban planning and city organization will make Glyfada the administrative and commercial center of the southern regions of Athens.


At the same time, Ch. Taleas dies and Timos Misios becomes a professor and founding partner in the famous Vakalo School of Arts, for which he constructs the school’s central building, a model of architecture.


The Spondylidis architectural workshop continues dynamically the construction activity and after 2003 is taken over by architect Thanassis Spondylidis - son of Theodoros and Xenia - who starts to work in the field of traditional private villas on the cycladic island of Kea, as well as to continue the construction activity in the southern suburbs of Athens, mainly in Glyfada, Voula and Vouliagmeni.


Theodore Spondylidis mayor architect
Timos Misios Architect
Athanassios Spondylidis architect
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